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Business Team Research

 We Stand Out from the Rest


including individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships and S-corps

including payroll, business taxes, bookkeeping, financial compilations and business consulting

including tax credits, deduction maximization, estimates, projections and budgeting

Our Team Here For You:

I have worked with Vikki for years and we share clients.  Her work is on time and reliable which allows me to focus on our firm’s responsibility to the client.  I would recommend Vikki for bookkeeping services.

W.Ulrich / Apple Guerin

With More than 20 Years of Experience Our firm operates on professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic.  We pride ourselves on being a small and medium sized business owner's

best friend.


V.Parker and Associates are great!  They handle all my financials at both of my businesses and are by far the best accountant I’ve ever found in the area.  They are 100% trustworthy, reliable, and timely.  They also have a very good eye for detail and are experts at what they do. I highly recommend them for any business!

I’ve have been working Vikki for over three years. She is very professional in the manner of which she handles herself with her clients and their accounting work. She displays high regard of the tax laws when dealing with her clients accounting or year-end tax prep. Vikki doesn’t waste time in performing her accounting work which saves her clients money. I highly recommend Vikki for your accounting needs as well as you year-end tax preparations.

  K.Demaree/BizWorks, LLC

J. Guerin / Area Home Lending LLC

V.Parker & Associates Offers Accounting Advice Too


We offer advice on many of the functions and responsibilities of your business, from Accounting to retail and restaurant services. We'd love to help you with your Payroll, whether it's the physical books or on-line. Accounting and Tax Preparation are our specialties, as well as tax planning, strategic business planning, and business formation .  Give Us a Call Today

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